IceWarp is powerful productivity platform. It may not sound like a big fancy name, but they are good at what they do. In B2B sector it's used by 50 million users worldwide. Looking for a designer to deliver silky-smooth design we started a collaboration. Masters of Apps and IceWarp design team put hands together. Then we started tailoring nice clothes for IceChat - advanced chat application.


"Do not understimate power of personalisation. Let's people make it feel it's their own"

- Adam Paclt, CEO IceWarp

Group 9Group 9

There are many steps forward and backward in designing visual style of application. During this project, we did it a lot From outside it may look, nothing is moving. When designing a style of new message notification we come through 30 design variations. Exploration of various possible solutions helped us choose the best one. Meaningful to the user, working in various edge-case scenarios and looking nice.

Group 10Group 10

Icechat iOS app is available on the App Store